About Us

Steph JCPenny 5-2015 looking left #2

Hi! My name is Stephanie Pimental

I have been immersed for over a decade with supporting clients with financial issues, including real estate law, bankruptcy law, corporate law and credit law as a paralegal. Continuously obtaining more financial education and gather more tools to be able to educate as many consumers as I can. With a passion for real estate and working in the residential & commercial real estate industry I continue to support local clients with solving their property problems and making it a win-win for them. Extraordinary Visions specializes in supporting local property owners facing foreclosure, probate issues, code violations, divorce, bankruptcy, and many other issues so the client has options to support themselves and their families.

Giving Back

I am an advocate for bringing games, events and camps to young people and teens. Teaming up with several national industry leaders who all share a passion to bring young people and teens education so they understand the choices about making money, investing money and giving back.
As well as being very passionate about the Guardian Ad Litem Program for children as a volunteer advocate and would like to encourage you to volunteer too! Go to http://guardianadlitem.org/vol_main.asp or look to see what program is offered in your county.