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How to Build Business Credit

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Extraordinary Visions is a leading credit & financial consulting firm serving clients nationwide for over 20 years.

Extraordinary Visions Inc. has one simple mission that is to provide solutions to business owners and investors. Specializing in services and solutions including personal & business credit and business funding!

We are efficient, well experienced with over 20 years of business funding and credit knowledge and we truly look forward to having the opportunity to supporting you with your BIG Purpose!


Executive Level Program

This package is for the mid to large size business or a business that is considered HIGH RISK. This program provides the benefits of the Business Advantage Program, establishing the business credit but goes even further by offering a dedicated funding specialist to your team.

Business Credit Advantage

Our vision for the client that enrolls in this process is to provide the essentials for a small to mid size company to receive funding and tradelines appropriate to their business size and structure.

This service is for the business owner that does not have the time or resources to do this independently.

Business Credit Consultation

This consultation is for new and existing business owners looking to gain insight and knowledge into the world of business credit. In this consultation, expect to learn about the steps needed to create a credible and fundable business.

Need funding quickly- our team can guide you to the best funding sources.

Personal Credit Consultation

Unleash the possibilities of improved credit.

Get an in-depth review of your personal credit report and a clear step-by-step action plan to strengthen your credit.

“…An asset to my clients. I would recommend anyone who would like to or needs to repair their financial situation…”

Bill Richardson, National Life Group


See what our clients are saying.

“…When I refer clients I never have to worry about those clients…”

John Gonzales, P.C., New York Bankruptcy Attorney


Get predictable results with our


expert guided process.

  1. Business Foundation

    Discover how to set up your business so lenders will approve you.

  2. Establish Business Reports

    How business credit reporting works and getting your company registered.

  3. Tier 1 Applications

    Apply for your first business credit accounts so you get on the road to establishing business credit.

  4. Monitor your Business Reports

    How your business looks to the business credit reporting agencies.

  5. Tier 2 Building credit

    You continue to build your business credit with 3 additional trade accounts.

  6. Tier 3 Building Credit

    Add 3 more trade accounts.

  7. Tier 4 Building Credit

    Add 3 additional trade accounts and now you will have 12 accounts. This will help you establish the strong credit you need to get additional funding and credit.

Visibility = Credibility = Fundability