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Join us for these upcoming opportunities to connect, collaborate and develop ways to fuel your Big Purpose with Smart Money!

Smart Money Big Purpose

Fuel yourself and your business for success! You have a BIG purpose (family, legacy, charity, etc.) and this is your time to connect for resources and support to fulfill your BIG purpose.

Every event gives you a variety of ideas and resources for funding, networking and creative solutions to turn ordinary money into Smart Money to fuel your Big Purpose.

Next Discussion

Thursday, March 25th  

6:30pm to 7:30pm

Special Guest: 
Florian Fritz
Money Working For You!

Florian is the founder of the Money Hero Academy, where he is teaching how to build wealth and financial freedom by working on money mindset, money management and money making skills.

Women's Prosperity Network

This is the Networking Twist You’ve Been Searching For: Getting Results & Celebratating Wins!

Special Bonus with Registration:
"Prosperity Networking Guide: The Secret to Creating Powerful & Prosperous Connections"

3rd Thursday
12pm and 7pm Eastern

Meet 12 to 15 people in small groups and leave with global contacts, connections and clients.

Real Estate Wealth Institute
Networking Event

Nationwide Real Estate Networking Group with lots of connections, resources and mentors. We discuss residential/commercial, rentals, mobile homes, high-end rentals, flips, notes and more. 

No obligations...just come and see what we are about if you love real estate. From seasoned investor to just-starting out newbie - come network with like-minded people who can help you with your real estate goals.

Join us online from anywhere in the world for Real Estate Networking

Every Monday 
8:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern

Every Tuesday
10am to 11:30am Eastern

Hope to see you there!

Turn Liabilities Into Assets

We all have bills to pay for services that we don't want to do without. We depend on phones for staying in touch, power for our homes, internet for our lives and many more essential services.

What if we told you these essential services could be a step to building the life you'd love to live financially?

Weekly online business meeting to maximize Smart Money!

Every Thursday
12pm to 1pm Eastern

What if you could reduce your monthly bills and even get your services paid for?

Classic Game & Discussion

Play the best online investing game to begin your exit from the Rat Race!

Created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, because the best learning is accomplished by doing the real thing. 

Learn as you go through investing through real world scenarios which allow you to test your financial knowledge and learn from your mistakes-all without losing your own money.

Join us online from anywhere in the world!

Saturday, March 4th
10am to 12pm Eastern

It's so much fun!
Learn how wealthy people use Smart Money to fuel their Big Purpose.

Simple & Affordable Healthcare!

Finally a way to take control of your healthcare. Come find out about a caring community of poeple who share each other's medical bills.

Administered by a non-profit meaning lower costs to you! 

Weekly online education!

Every Tuesday
12pm to 1pm Eastern

Saving many 30 - 50% 

Join me for these upcoming happenings!

Stephanie has been immersed for almost 2 decades with supporting business owners and investors with financial & credit issues, including real estate law, bankruptcy law, corporate law and credit law as a paralegal. Continuously obtaining more financial education and gather more tools to be able to support as many business owners & investors in moving toward their BIG Purpose.

Extraordinary Visions Inc. has one simple mission that is to provide solutions to business owners and investors. Specializing in services and solutions including business credit, health care cost solutions, real estate investments and turning monthly liabilities into assets! We are efficient, well experienced with a combined 30 years of business and real estate knowledge and we truly look forward to having the opportunity to supporting you with your BIG Purpose!

Stephanie Pimental

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